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Fully customized, intuitive and feature-rich bespoke web design & development to expand the reach of your business.

Web Development With A Difference

Using robust coding, user-friendly designs, intuitive navigation and cutting-edge technology, we deliver dynamic and beautifully crafted websites for an uninterrupted online experience that connects you to your customers on any browser and device. Ficode is a full-cycle custom web development company - Your technology partner in building bespoke solution at affordable costs.

Bespoke Web Development

Whether you are looking for business web solutions or just a web portal to connect with your client, we can design and develop web applications in technology as per your project specification; We’re sure our technical and creative skills will more than meet your requirements.

E-Commerce, B2B and B2C

At Ficode, our business solutions are tailored to the unique needs of our clients. Trust us to enhance sales and brand loyalty. We will help whether you are looking for Payment Gateway integration, Bespoke Shopping cart development, tailor made B2B & B2C solutions or enterprise’s online portal to connect your multiple stores over the cloud.

Third Party API Integration & Development

Whether client requirements are payment gateways, data scrapping, tracking API’s or SOAP/ REST API for third-party integration we have the skills required. Click here to learn more of our expertise in API’s and we are more than happy to discuss any requirements.

REST Based Development

If you are looking to develop using multi-layer architecture to decouple services, we have expertise in developing services via REST interfaces. Whether connecting your web interface to a mobile platform or exposing API’s to third-party vendors, we have the expertise to develop bespoke REST interfaces, offering complete integration services.

Web Development Expertise and Technical Skills

At Ficode we believe that continuous improvement and an agile approach to technology makes for future-ready online business that can face the competition. Unlock the full potential of your web presence and watch your online business grow with our sleek design and robust coding.

Our team of experts put us at the centre of business start-ups and enterprise so we know exactly what tools to deploy for high-quality web applications. The vast experience of our specialized teams is what makes us stand out as the top developers in the UK.

Discover exactly what technology and frameworks work best for your web application. Be it Java, PHP or ASP.NET, our teams will use the best tools to put you on top of the competition with great design and intuitive and user-friendly experience.

PHP Development

This trusted, general-purpose language is perfect for creating dynamic web pages and domain-specific solutions. Our programming skills will integrate new technologies and services for an unfailingly excellent user experience.

.NET Framework

This Microsoft developed software framework offers interoperability across multiple programming languages. It is used to build most new applications created for the Windows platform, smartphones as well as the internet and defines structures and connections.

JavaScript Development

Our custom JavaScript development services are one of the reasons why our customers love us. We design clear structures and implement intuitive site architecture as well as easily recognizable links providing a universal platform.

Scala Framework

Scala is a statically typed out language with both functional and object-oriented programming concepts. Scala is widely used in industries such as Fintech, IOT, Retail, Manufacturing, Automotive, and Media for developing the most elaborate commercial software.

Java Framework

A Java provides a rapid development environment as well as complete flexibility of use. Java has various frameworks like Spring Framework, Struts, JavaServer Faces (JSF), Google Web Toolkit etc. Our team will help you choosing a suitable framework from all of the popular frameworks that are available can be a tedious task.

Big Data Development

We provide Big Data consulting and development services, helping companies bridge the ever widening span between the overflow volume of complex data and the ability to perform in depth analysis to interpret and report. Our Big Data solutions and services will help you to manage your data effectively despite its size.

Technology as a springboard for success

Mastering multiple technologies to achieve your business goals

Flexible Hiring Options

Find a working package that really fits your needs. Our analysts will review your project and requirements and recommend different working options. Full-time, part-time or by the hour, our dedicated developers will take your project to completion the way that suits you best.

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